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LRF (Light Rock Fishing)...

really began, for British waters, late in 2009.
At a time when the vast majority of lure anglers, including myself, had tucked away their rods and reels for the winter, the Jersey Bass guides and a few of their close friends began to learn the various styles used in Japanese LRF and adapting them for use in our waters here in the UK / Northern Europe. It is, in my opinion, mainly down to this original core of anglers that we owe what LRF has become today. Although everyone still admits that "we are all learning, all the time". So don't go thinking this is an "elitist" sport. Its not! It's for everyone from a young child, fishing with their Dad, to the whole family joining in too.
Why is it so good for the whole family? Because unlike most fishing disciplines, once you have learned to "feel" your way through your fishing, you will notice a massive increase in the quantity of fish that you are catching. In such circumstances, it is so much easier to keep the kids entertained and even finding mum beginning to show an active interest too.

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Jack & Andy

PS special thanks too, to Dr Thomas Klokow, for all his web help. Some of us just are NOT cut out for computers!

A good friend of ours has become a fully qualified, insured and more than proficient bass guide in Wales.  Matt Powell.  As well as the guiding itself, he also offers some really wild foraging as well as staying in a teepee like tent if you wish.  But don't just take our words for it, go checkout his website at Fishing and Foraging Wales.  Matt has a great sense of conservation, as well as being a Michelin graded chef too.  So to not take up the chance of him cooing for you would be to deny yourself some truly amazing gastronomic delights.
Wishing Matt every success in his new venture from all at JacksLRF.

Reels On Wheels

Now, I am going to be cheeky here and ask you to donate a few quid to the cause too.  All you have to do is make a simple PayPal transaction (send money) as a GIFT to reels on wheels.  Here's ROW's / Nick's PayPal address "".  Or if that seems complicated, simply visit ROW's website and click on the "Donate" button.  Please, as I have already said, even a few quid really helps.  More is wonderful, but to say that every pound brought in is greatly appreciated, would be a huge understatement!

Many thanks for your custom and hopefully the next time you are out, you will think of Nick and team ROW.

All the best, Andy & Jack